I’m looking for stories about how food has changed or shaped your life in some way. If you want an idea of the sort of stories I’m interested in, have a listen to the pod if you haven’t already! I love stories of how people’s lives intertwine with what they eat and cook and I’m excited to print these in people’s own words.

I’m looking for prose, poems, fiction, non-fiction, lists, recipes, illustrations, collages: basically any visual format that your idea can be expressed in I’d love to see it.

I’ve had a few questions already about length of submissions - there isn’t an official maximum or minimum length but I personally think zines lend themselves to shorter form writing better due to the layout and so roughly it would be great if written submissions are no longer than one typed A4 page. If you have any questions about this just drop me a line!

Please send submissions to:

UPDATED Deadline: 1st August 2019

Transparency about submissions

Submissions to the zine are on a voluntary basis and I won’t make a profit from producing it. I’m giving my editing and production time to it pro bono; if possible I’d like to cover the cost of printing and materials, but if that doesn’t happen that’s OK!  I know that not everyone can work for free, and so if submitting something on this basis is an issue for you please get in touch. I’d love to find a way for us to work together on this, whether that’s organising mentoring or editorial feedback that will be useful to you professionally or something else. I’m keen to include a representative range of voices and stories: no-one should be excluded from submitting on a financial basis so please get in touch if this is something that’s worrying you.

All contributors will receive a copy of the zine posted to them. Hard copies of the zine will be sold at an affordable price and, in the (unlikely) event that I make more money that it costs to print it, any profits will be donated to Lewisham Food Bank.

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